Petty Dance


Safety net of the music,
Footsteps rehearsed
Your talk is a touch with her,
Elaborate or condensed?

Your words are kind and attentive,
Feel good to listen and respond.
Suppose support is gone
The record’s finished,
What silence will make you to behold?

Is sadness your dance floor,
Solitude- partner in crime?
Fences- defenseless,
Currency- faux pas in disguise.

You trade empty promise,
She answers with praise.
Duet of two strangers
Defying the space.

What shoes make you stumble
The glory of missteps behind.
Stitch gap holes together,
Make peace in your mind.

The lights start to flicker,
Beat crashes the last steps apart,
She’s graceful, she feels it:
The lost soul- you ought to depart.

petty dance1


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