What do you know about accepting/discovering your own magnificence? my friend asked me in an email. How enchanting I thought, okay.

Your question comes from a place deep, intimate and very tender, the place we barely ever touched throughout life, rarely know of and don’t usually go there alone unescorted unless unavoidably eventual in the course of life and self discovery in love.
You know very well social conditioning and self-made barriers that layer us like onion skins, covering away our own light, love and might. So when we suffered enough and finally got life turn us to face own demons, we start peeling layer after layer through pain, through shame, through guilt, fear and grief. Writing nurtured me, dancing bonded with emotions, intense dynamic Kali meditation allows to see the invisible mind control over what I can and what I cannot. I also see how much I was giving up on myself, betraying own truth. To stand in own truth is bloody scary. I am nowhere near it, I barely got to feel putrid taste of own weaknesses. Disgusting, I must say, I nearly fainted, could not stand still in this feeling for 5 min after the practice. There was no surrender, I gave up, this time.

So, own magnificence. It is a journey, or just waking up into it one morning. It is allowance to oneself, permission, ownership and responsibility in front of own life potential that is given at birth and eternal for the soul. It is claiming what was lost or not seen in plain sight out of ignorance. It is getting and being Alive. Joyous. However, I would prefer hearing more on it from you since it resonated within your core. What is it for you? How do you feel it, what do you feel?

I have been thinking of you last few days and today as well even prior I saw your email. Why? You have just written about it. You say you are reading a book and I am thinking- how is she writing a book? Her own magnificent book. A book to pour all life juice and poison into and cement it as ground zero, a stepping stone into own mighty life.

What do you say?

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