Force Major of Deep (freeze) Yes

Is it so, that warming of global climate has undesired effect of frosting on human virtues?!

Virtue of NO to unfreeze Deep YES – nuclear resource of renewable energy.

Men, most likely out of their fear, hacked secret, mystique world of women with crusades and witch hunt as a way to rip women off their female powers. Maaan, did they succeed!  I know this fear- reborn with its stigma and thirst for blood- fuel for success. I was one of many, known by the name Navarra… It took hundreds of years when women launched an attack back to get to the areas of male order. Why is it an attack? Because women did not do it just in order to claim what was taken away but theirs God given. Women went on into the “mans” world. It is not equal rights or feminist movement on its own, firstly its retribution, a strike back in an attempt to recoup woman’s powers and more, it seems. Secondly it is as if a Nature’s disaster: women did not create armies for this purpose. Dissatisfaction hit rock bottom temperatures to cause the activity and, just like Mother Nature- it claims what’s hers and a bit more in lesson. However any “force major” is often catastrophic without a leader to recognise the issue, the deep need and way to lead…

Sadly, the knowledge and sources of female mystique were lost in time and inquisition made sure the sources were destroyed beyond recovery- tortured, burned, exterminated. Nowadays the term “nuclear family” describes the modern “one man, one woman and children” household. Where this independent, individual way of living did lead women to? It led to loss of roots, connection and support system. Basically, living out and apart of extended family, community and traditions, women had to become self-sustaining, self-reliant and self-sufficient and thus extremely unprotected and vulnerable. Human evolution is a constant process of degradation if seen from the perspective of how women got devalued: stripped off of traditions and rituals, secrets and mystery all of which gave women their vital powers to inspire, transform, sustain.

In an eternal desire to acclaim himself in conquest, man is restless to control Nature’s forces in a quest nobly called “developing new sources of sustainable energy”. As fertile as Nature, a woman is a source of energy and so in order to make her power into “user-friendly” energy, firstly, she had to be shamed for who she was, then threatened against the sins for is there a better way to control someone if not by reminding of mishaps ever so often?, as well as denied support of generations’ fostered knowledge in woman-to-woman succession. Is it so, that warming of global climate has undesired effect of frosting on human virtues?!

A glimpse of such wisdom I had a chance to see in a travel guide TV report the other day. It was about a childbirth ceremony of women from Palau Island. The ceremony is mostly intended for a woman to recover and recoup her energy after giving birth to her first child. It may take 3 to 10 days away from family for her to get over it with treatments and rituals known to the island women but not disclosed in the report. After such a period young mother is being prepared for the ceremony to join the “usual” world. And here’s what I understood: no matter what the wealth or status of the family the woman is part of, she gets to be prepared for the ceremony and treated Royally. It’s her entitlement as a woman, as a mother to be. Speaking of values and virtues…

So, well, the woman is groomed, massaged with oils, scented and dressed for the ceremony which is to celebrate her giving birth, recovering and returning to face both hers and husband’s families. She’s been on a deep journey worth of a feast. And as old tradition bearing no shame to the naked body, she stands before the families bare-chested and after some blessings, receives a line of white flowers to adorn and cover her milk-plump breasts. Community gathers to celebrate with dance, food and music and basket for gift donations is passed around.

In the chase of individuality we tend to shake off any custom or tradition that seem so archaic as above thus derelict in present time, their sacral meaning lost hence possibility of recovery, as such knowledge was mostly undocumented and, if/or the chronicles were noted, the records are kept in cool, damp vaults as deep down under St Peter’s Cathedral as tall as it is above the ground. And men guard them.

It is therefore we are left frustrated and lost and raging against anything more or less intrusive or rude to our right of nature to be who we are as much as we know ourselves, as much dignity and self-worth as there is!

We chase our own idea of freedom, get high on opportunities, get old in solitude: divorced, parents in retirement house, children abroad and strangely enough far from feeling independent, may be content, yet somehow a leap shy from happy. How so that women even in their mature age are in conflict with themselves? It’s got to be either permission or selective negation of authority. Or is it woman’s destiny to seek consent, permission in dealings with the “outside” world no matter who’s that- a husband, parents, boss, spiritual leader, the Holy books, guardian angel, son, technician, which seems to be for her own safety and good (so as not to handle the burden of undue responsibility). Are we not raised to be responsible, competitive and efficient units of global business market?! What does belong to us though is “inside” world: demystified, ripped off its treasures and wisdom; delusional, heavily medicated, merchandised and disabled with technology.

As “nuclear” as we happen to be, I believe that in order to not eventually cause self-inflicted Chernobyl, we ought to give ourselves permission, the Deep Yes as said by Justine MUSK, to learn to celebrate our womanity, to regenerate our energy with nature and radiate the light within. The key is timeless kindness to yourself in the cradle of love- your womb.

10 June 2013

Revoked on Justine’s MUSK TEDxTalk The Art of Deep Yes

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