Welcome cherished Guest,

The ambiance in studio is created to bring relief and lightness to your body through intuitive Relaxation massage (ontspanningsmassage) infused with re-balancing touches & aromatherapy to help you melt and hear your own music, to let go.

My personal cure & create space is about “hands on” recovery for body and passionate soul where I communicate by touch, attention, presence and trust.

Following sessions are of no less than 1,5 hours for leisurely comfort and benevolence:

– Classic intuitive Relaxation massage

– Honey Detox massage (above all on demand in Spring and Autumn)

– Blissful feather/ brush massage, an Exclusive skin rejuvenation treatment! Ladies All time favourite natural skin radiance booster and antidote to wrinkles and fillers, where session commences with customary relaxation massage followed by face/décolleté/arms luxury brush “finishing touches” and complete bliss

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Client value donation 75 Eur

As a certified relaxation massage practitioner and a true connoisseur myself, I value warm welcome and quality comfort to the services rendered. I make sure my guests enjoy this gold standard in all of my treatments.

I make use of natural organic almond or acacia oil. My conscious healthy choice of remedy is quality essential oil blends and designer mixtures compiled by artisans at Aromata Mirabilia Scent House.
You are in good hands, exhale and enjoy


  • “I felt super relaxed after your massage. It was really relaxing and I believe it helped my back and muscles within it for the last 2 weeks. My back is starting to hurt me again this week, but your massage did provide me with some relief for a good week/week and a half - Jonny. ”

  • “I want to thank you for the fantastic massage you gave. I felt relaxed and wonderful! You gave very intense and I felt like a queen. I will suggest to everyone to take relaxation massage by you”

    Nafize Sener
  • “ What a nice experience it was! I still feel relaxed, thanks (again)”

  • "Net een geweldige en bijzondere massage achter de rug! Om zeker aan te raden. Was top!"

  • "I received an amazing healing from you. I was resting deeply in rays of your smoothening Violet light. Thank you for touching my wings and preparing them to open up. You are a gifted Goddess, enjoy your light!"

    Magdalena Lisowska