I made my first Zouk steps during Salsa and Zouk Beach Festival in Scheveningen, Holland in July 2011, unaware of zouk existence and pretty much convinced I wasn’t going to dance some sort of “witch craft” afterwards. Little did I expect that by trying out salsa and tango, I would find myself in ZoukCity beginners class and stick to it ever since.
Those first steps in an unknown direction opened up more creative sources and, nourished in time, I also dared creative writing and even poetry.

Completing full course with Zoukcity I have made following steps into basic balet techniques, contact improvisation and sacral female energy & wellness practices. I keep it fun and fresh with a little bits of DJ-ing too.

In Aug 2014 I successfully passed the course to have attained Zouk teacher’s training certificate with Salsaventura and now, back to basics with the students, I apply the skills learnt into practice and support with one-on-one feedback during regular zouk classes.

Having felt and being fully aware of the strenuous load dance has on the body, I recently certified as a relaxation massage practitioner with the vision to be able to curate fellow dancers so that all of us keep on dancing.

For more info on Zouk dance classes check www.totallyzouk.nl

See you on the dance floor!

Zoukers  are dreamers of the dance world ©