Why not to live up to your name?!

Violeta is a collector and curator of ideas, sporadic rhymes and whims of inspiration. An intellectual dancer, poet, masseuse and astrology student, she hunts for a perfect phrase, finds thoughts thrilling & invigorating and enjoys digging out simple “hidden truths” behind complex subjects. She has passion in bucketloads while getting fresh and high on daydreaming. Violeta is compelled to learn; feels the need to bring ideas and events to life yet enjoys time alone for musing and reflection. She has extensive experience of managing life’s variables alongside motherhood and two decades of professional law enforcement career proven to succeed by having enduring core values- courage at heart.

Violeta is a connector for different cultures and worlds. Aware of an Artist as her higher self, she artfully manages the balancing act of life’s contrasting pathways. Sourcing visions from conversations intuitively, she wants to inspire people for exploration.


Flower, Teacher asked,
Why not to live up to your name?
Courageous: to be living love
By heart.
Why don’t I?