Astrology is one of the keys among many other to access the mystery of human nature and destiny on the planet Earth. Just as a musical key opens every composition and each tune, astrology is a tool and instrument to get attuned and sound own melody in all areas of life- personal, professional, health, financial, spiritual and ect.

Aim of astrology

  • navigate us to our true nature
  • liberate to be one true self
  • synchronise with our path in Universe

Profoundly longing and living with desire to embark on the path of my destiny, I sought out for wisdom from various sources, mainly yoga and ancient wisdom of harmonious lifestyle- Indian Veda philosophy. I listened to lectures, read lengths of materials, tended to workshops and retreats and consulted with the sorcerers, to have naturally anchored to Jyotish-Vedic astrology studies in September 2014 under the tutorship of Marianna Polonsky, experienced Vedic astrologist and inspiring lecturer from Los Angeles, USA. Jyotish is said to be an Eye of Veda’s.

A student of the fifth term having an eye for details, with an intention to gain practical experience, as of Sep 2015 I am an apprentice with Marianna’s consultancy

I also support the group with English to Russian synch-translations of instructional videos on astrology software as well as various thematic texts.

Should you wish to have a peak into your stellar Self here is how I can be of service: with your data and state of the art Jyotish software I use, together we shall look into story of your presence in the world and true guidance of your nature.

I invite you to support aspiring star reader in training with sharing your data of birth- precise time, date and location, as constant practice makes mastery.

For consultation based on Vedic astrology fundamentals please contact me via the form below.

Booking schedule updated monthly. Please note it is an advisory, not a prescription.

Energies respect fair exchange hence free donation of your choice is welcome.

“You are a masterpiece with the blueprint in stars”

Vedų astrologijos konsultacijos 2017m kovo mėnesį 1 val trukmės Skype vyksta suderinus laiką su klientu.

Запись на консультации в Марте 2017г продолжительностью в 1 час по Skype проходят по согласованному с клиентом времени в електронной переписке.

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Люди, в лучшем случае, обмениваются благостным общением, а душевный труд каждому- самостоятельный.