Hi and welcome to my creative studio Mano Maestra

I am Violeta- a dancer, writer and a poet. I follow synchronicities and have a blessing for astrology– my latest study subject.  In my day time occupation I hold a position and law degree yet I am working my way through to my next dream come true. For long time I lived the story I was ashamed to tell, as life was just happening to me. I used to walk my talk- travelling and exploring places. I moved countries, resettled, adopted one more language-Dutch, but neither their pets nor custom colours.

I am happy to admit I live a passionate life. From early childhood, enchanted with horses, I even made it to be my first paid job- an Amazon. Time forward, I replaced this hobby with yoga, just to have traded the mat for the dance floor after three years of strenuous practice.

Speaking of passion- is it a one night stand, a love affair or lifelong romance? Zouk, certainly, is my love affair. Flirting with the dance, I’ve found my wings yet it was the flight I marvelled, so one night, I took a leap of faith. Nurtured in abundance by a sensual self-expressive partner dance, my urge for writing did surface as well. I wasn’t giving it much of my attention despite being encouraged to expand the audience. Guided by the wisdom “what you give your attention to, grows” eventually saw me in its tender embrace and I do have a soft spot for hugs.

So here I am- a Cosmopolitan Daydreamer, spaced out. To mark eleven years of living in exile to, what I wish, is my authentic gift for life, I made a full stop- a certain way to start the new page, if not a chapter. Done with pit stops. Fin. I am rooting in! If writing is my life’s passion, then my blog may primarily be a labour of love- a fruit of my labour, just like my son, whom I gave birth on the day, precisely as predicted and with unpredictability of the first November snow. It had been neither easy nor delightful waiting: doubtful, worrisome and supported so as to continue to exist. We both lived through in faith and trust of my initial intuition: I knew it was to be a healthy child that he is. My visionary renaissance followed through.

Tough love. This is how I know it. So far it’s been the same with the whole studio design. Yet with time and experience, I am learning to take it a step at a time, a page at a time.

Lately I took some time to rest my body. I was aching here and there, feeling exhausted and tense. I lay on the Shakti mat and eventually relaxed enough to listen to the voice of the flesh. And it was astounding: my toes had a story to tell. No wonder, I thought, with all of my walking and dancing. Oh wait, that’s why I took myself to dance! I was telling a story in each dance, with each step my feet made, there was a word, a feeling, memory embedded. And so I listened more… It happened to be a relationship I had never considered I had and the one of substance. I gave my body an audience and it took me all the way to my birth and beyond: defying gravity, I landed into true self intact, to my huge relief and wonder!

Audience like this one is created when we are willing to show up: on the mat, on the dance floor, on the page, anywhere and with the choice of not quitting on ourselves. While I am at writing, I already know the path ahead of me. It’s called devotion.

I know what I want. I want to live my life creatively: taste, feel, sense, express and hallucinate with Creator. I have vested belief in the process which confirmed one of my long time callings: mastering the art, craft and science of touch- holistic massage. My home studio is the “hands on” space where I create and serve ambiance with a potion of stardust. BTW, I am a peacekeeper with an experience, et voila.



She beamed front forward a ray of woman’s faith:
A vault of sacred meaning, magic and refuge to the soul.
Courageous: to be living love, by heart ♥
Daring humble her disbelief she cried
Out loud.

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