The master keys to source the dreams from your heart: Skill, Character, Experience, Wisdom

Hi and welcome to creative studio Mano Maestra,

The following keys are being mastered, used and crafted here to learn reading and living dreams from our hearts:  

  • Veda’s Astrology consultation to discover our calling, purpose, key nature traits and much more contained in a Personal Star Blueprint- the Horoscope
  • Intuitive Relaxation & Re-balancing massage to connect to the source of vital powers
  • Dynamic KALI Meditation as a way to fully embody and live heartfelt life
  • Ancestry Rooting and other transcendence rituals- Rites of Passage, to make own keys to deep healing and transformation 


The following Massage sessions are approximately 1,5 hours for client leisurely comfort and best results:

– Classic intuitive Relaxation massage

– Honey Detox massage (above all on demand in Spring and Autumn)

– Blissful feather/ brush massage, an Exclusive skin rejuvenation treatment! Ladies All time favourite natural skin radiance booster and antidote for wrinkles and fillers, where session commences with customary relaxation massage followed by face/décolleté/arms luxury “ brush finishing touches” and complete bliss

Radiance in the face, bounce in the body, serenity in the mind.